Monday, January 23, 2012

Jan 2012 almost over!

How is this even possible?
New Challenges for 2012
VX4 - take a veggie, used it four different ways in the month
January veggie is Parsnips...yay? So far I found two different soups I'd like to try thanks to last years Soups on! Challenge, a parsnip chip and possibly making parsnip noodles(!?)

I agreed to join the Las Vegas Ragnar Relay with Kaye...this will be interesting.  I am slowly returning to training mode. I am motivated not only by the Relay, but also because Crysta will deliver Emma in April and I dont want to look like my least not yet. Thirdly, Braxton is getting married in September and I would like to be in a cute dress not a moomoo.

The boys continue to do well. I think I will change their schools next year. This year was so drama riddled it cant hurt to move to an even smaller school. Connor is going to try Camp Sugar Pine with Cornerstone Church next month and if that goes well, I would love to get him in school with those kids. Caleb is still continuing to frustrate the ever loving bezeus out of me and Ms. Ogella. Perhaps a smaller environment will be less distracting. And, Cole starts Kindergarten in the Fall...Really!? can it be? Sadly, yes, yes it can. I would love for him to go K-8 instead of all the changes that take place in Chowchilla School district.

I need to return to school and either changes my major or take the leap into the program. I just dont know what I really want and that make a decision all that more difficult.