Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

I'm on a two day kick!

Our truck has finally decided to show it's age and neglect...the 18 year old (same age as the daughter) sits in the driveway with too many problems for me to describe. So the newest challenge we are presented with purchase or not to purchase?
We have always been a two car family, but the reality of it is: we could easily be a one car family. Evil works less then a quarter of a mile from work and rarely goes anywhere requiring driving. If work does ask him to visit an off site, legally he could take the county car. I work five miles from the house; my biggest challenge is of course getting the children to their activities and different schools. I've become quite the biker! Just last night, I took both Riley and Cole in the bike trailer to McD's for dinner, then rode an additional 1.6 miles only to do it again later that night. I easily put in over 4 miles  yesterday.

School challenge: I am in the process of filing my fafsa. Dragging my feat a bit because psychologically, if I dont finish then I dont have to interview and ultimately not get a job. So many teachers are without a job right now...I always seem to be just slightly behind the trend.

Weight loss challenge: still making progress, nothing quick but steady. I just might try a class next week.

Cooking challenge: Grocery shopping is not my fav and I've needed to go for almost 3 days now...a true challenge to be sure!

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